This Instagram-Discovered Model Charges $15,000 Per Hour

When it comes to great discovery stories it’s hard to compete with this Sudanese model Anok Yai. An unknown face turned viral after she gets a modeling contract and now called as ‘The model of the momen’. A single picture changed her life and she is now charging $15,000 per hour for photoshoots.

Anok Yai is a 19-year-old Plymouth State University student who was recently discovered by modeling agencies from an Instagram photo.

In October 2017, Yai was photographed Steven Hall during one of Howard University’s homecoming events and posted to his Instagram page called theSUNK. Not only did people like the photo over 21,000 times, they also started sharing it in an effort to get Yai noticed by a modeling agency.

“It was a dream that I always wanted, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen,” Yai said in an interview with The Boston Globe.

“My phone just started vibrating rapidly for a long, long time. At first, I honestly thought someone made a meme of me or something.”

Overnight, Yai went from having 150 followers to 8,000 followers on Instagram because of the photo. After her photo was spread all over the internet, she started receiving offers from modeling agencies. Now she has over 100,000 followers and has captured the attention of Kyle Hagler, the president of Next Management. Since her rise to fame, she signed with a major modeling agency, NEXT Model Management.

ince she signed with NEXT Model Management, her career has really taken off. Yai has graced the covers of international magazines. To book her for a shoot, a brand would expect to spend up to $15,000 per hour spent on a shoot. Her career has really taken off, but she is looking for more than just photoshoots and modeling jobs.

When I was younger, I was insecure about my skin because I looked up to people in the media and, though I looked up to the black women, I never saw black women that were as dark as me,” Yai said in an interview with Vogue. “I definitely want to be a role model for young dark-skinned girls and girls in general – I want to bring to light ideas of self-love and self-confidence. I am so excited about where this will take me and I’m happy because I can do what I am passionate about.”

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